Mark   Laatikainen

  "name": "Mark Laatikainen",
  "about": [
    "I am an aspiring software developer, eagerly looking to dig deep into challenging projects!",
    "I will soon finish my Business Information Technology studies, which I have completed well ahead of the planned duration.",
    "I enjoy learning new technologies and tools, and am actively working towards my goal of becoming a full-stack developer.",
  "city": "Helsinki",
  "age": 30,
  "profession": "Software Consultant",
  "education": [
      "degree": "Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology",
      "school": "Haaga-Helia University of Applied Scienses",
      "graduationYear": 2020
      "degree": "Vocational degree in Information Technology",
      "school": "Helsinki Business College",
      "graduationYear": 2010
  "skills": {
    "industryKnowledge": [
      "Web Development",
      "Front-end Development",
    "technologies": [
      "RESTful WebServices",
      "Google Design Sprint"
  "languages": ["finnish", "english", "russian"],
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